Friday, we kick into a new cycle and the focus of the next few days will involve the Sun.

The Sun has to do with our inner core and our personal development and its annual passage through the signs reflects a continuous unfoldment of potential and possibilities.

So, you know it’s going to be a big day when the Sun forms a lovely aspect to Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system.

Sun sextile Jupiter is considered a lucky aspect because it seems to create opportunities that we quickly notice and take advantage of, mainly because our mindset is positive and we are in good spirits – again ‘tis the season.   Pretty much anything you apply yourself to will be successful, and this is a great day to work on projects, advertising, and even personal growth.

The Sun sextile Jupiter likes to be social and communicate with others.  It’s a good day to have planning meetings, discuss your opinions with others, and to go out and socialize.  Also, reflection and personal examination are favored now.

In other astrological news, the Moon continues to move through impulsive Aries.  She forms a challenging aspect to Pluto in the morning hours that could bring up some rather intense feelings, but she quickly makes more harmonious aspects the rest of the day, which should ease things up.  During the evening hours, the Moon conjoins Uranus and sextiles Mars.  Go out and have some fun.  You deserve it.

Be amazing!

optimismI’m really excited about the energy today as the Sun in Libra sextiles Jupiter in Leo.  This is considered one of the most positive and benefic aspects there is and after a couple of weeks of intensive energies it’s rather welcomed.

You will notice that you have an extremely optimistic mind which will make you feel like lady luck is on your side.  Anything you put your mind to throughout the day should be successful.  Further, you will notice the people around you generally enjoyable and your interactions should prove to be harmonious.

In other cosmic news, Mercury retrograde moves back into the sign of Libra during the early afternoon hours brining a bit of problems to communication in relationships.  This could be amplified by the Moon squaring Jupiter and opposing Saturn – avoid self-doubt at this time.  However, our emotional fluctuations should be easily managed with the Sun sextile Jupiter.

Have an amazing day!

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