Get A Reading with Storm

Are you lying awake at night asking these questions?

Is he the one for me?
When is he going to call again?
When will I find my true love?
Should I change jobs?
Will my finances improve?

If you are, then you are not alone.  These are the same questions that most of my clients ask on a daily basis.  Questions that I can answer.

Hi, I’m Storm Cestavani.

I’ve been a professional psychic and astrologer for over 25 years.  I have taken courses with many leaders in their respective fields including Sonaya Roman, Mary Shea, and the prestigious Centre for Psychological Astrology.

I continue to study rigorously to provide my clients with the most accurate information possible to help them make the best decisions possible to get the results they want in their lives.

After all, isn’t that the point – receiving answers to your future that helps you navigate through today?

About Your Reading:

While I am doing a reading, I use a combination of clairvoyant skills and other tools such as astrology, tarot, and numerology to provide you with information that pertains to your life and answers the questions that concern you.

I believe that every moment is a snapshot of energy that is at work within the universe.  This energy is at work in your present life and each moment plants the seed to the next month.   Wouldn’t it be more effective to have control of how those seeds grow in order to LIVE the LIFE you want to LIVE?

During a psychic reading you will receive:

Information about your current situation
Insight into the future and the choices you have available to you
Accurate Timing
Insight into the people around you

I can cover many aspects of your life including:  Love, Romance, Money, Career, Family, Present Relationships, Future Relationships, and Personal Growth.  I can also provide information into the motivations of your friends, family, and love ones.

I do not need you present to do a consultation.  My readings are done over the telephone or through email, which accommodates the very busy lives of my clients from all walks of life.

I am devoted to providing my clients with information to enrich and understand their current life cycles.  Therefore, this website, its contents, and the information that I provide my clients is NOT for entertainment purposes only.   I believe that insight, when used properly, can help you LIVE the life you want to LIVE.

Quit worrying about tomorrow, when you can get ANSWERS today!

Email Readings: 

Are you too busy to sit down for a phone consultation?  Do you need a quick answer to a burning question?

I got your hookup!

I currently offer email readings for those that need quick insight.

1 Question — $30.00
2 Questions — $60.00
3 Questions — $90.00

How It Works:

First, send me an email ( with your question(s).  Be clear about what you want answered and as detailed with your question as possible.  Please provide me with the names, birthdate, time and place of birth (if you know them) involved with your question.  This helps me tune into your unique energy since you are not in person or on the phone with me.   Your email reading will be delivered in 24-48 hours of my receiving it.

Secondly, use the payment drop down menu below and simply pick the number of questions you would like to ask, then hit the BOOK NOW button.  This will open an invoice for you to pay for my services.  If you do not receive your email reading within 48 hours, simply email me ( and I will resend it to you.

Email Readings

Phone Readings:

15 Minutes — $60.00
30 Minutes — $120.00
60 Minutes – 240.00

To schedule a phone consultation with me, please use the drop down menu below and select the length of the reading you would like.  You will be brought to an invoice page where you can pay for your consultation.  Then, email me at ( and let me know that you have purchased a reading and we will work together to schedule a time that fits your needs.

Psychic/Intuitive Readings

Astrological Life Coaching:

I do offer long term astrological life coaching services to my clients.   You can find out more information on my 1 on 1 coaching page.