Table of Planetary Correspondences

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Below is a table of planetary correspondences that were written by Clare Martin and posted on  This is a webpage that you should save or print up for future reference.  Do not worry about what is written now, we will refer back to it during the lessons.





Zodiac Sign Leo Cancer
House Ruler 5th 4th
Mundane Empires, kingdoms, theatres, palaces, mansions, places of entertainment, casinos, showboats, solariums, gold mines, fireplaces. Homes – children’s and old people’s, hotels, taverns, houseboats, aquariums, ponds, restaurants, bakeries, beaches, boats, boathouses.
People Men generally, royalty, emperors, courtiers, heads of states, presidents, patrons, figureheads, actors, film ‘stars’, celebrities, heart specialists, goldsmiths. Women generally, relatives, families, cooks and caterers, hoteliers, housewives, midwives, fisherman, crowds.
Body Heart, back, spinal column. Breasts, stomach, bladder, bowels, womb, tears, lymph system, bodily fluids, gastric juices, saliva, sleep.
Animal World Lions, peacocks. Nocturnal animals and birds, owls, domestic fowl, clams, coral, fish, frogs, tortoises, turtles, snails, shellfish, crabs.
Plant World Heliotropes, marigolds, sunflowers, golden or large & showy flowers, oranges, saffron, nutmeg. Watery fruits, cauliflowers, cabbages, cucumbers, daisies, dew, white or night-blooming flowers, fungus, water plants, water lilies, turnips, trees rich in sap, seaweed.
Mineral World Gold. Silver, pearls.
Colour Gold, orange, saffron. Silver, white, grey.



Zodiac Sign Gemini & Virgo Taurus & Libra
House Ruler 3rd & 6th 2nd & 7th
Mundane Schools, shops, markets, fairs, tennis courts, roads, cars, bicycles, garages, telephones, diaries, keys, newspapers, stationery, books, filing & medicine cabinets. Gardens, wardrobes, dressing tables, art galleries, concert halls, beauty parlours, boutiques, brothels, casinos, vineyards, embassies, dating agencies, social functions, weddings.
People Tradesmen, secretaries, journalists, taxi & bus drivers, couriers, forgers, graphologists, printers, interpreters, jugglers, critics, teachers, shop assistants, auditors, bookkeepers, pharmacists, computer programmers, craftsmen, dieticians, hygienists, librarians, proof-readers, surveyors, watchmakers. Musicians, artists, jewelers, models, bankers, diplomats, receptionists, beauty consultants, make-up artists, manicurists, milliners, tailors, architects, divorce lawyers, farmers.
Body Brain, hands, lungs, arms, digestive & nervous systems, intestines, circulation, co-ordination, respiratory system. Neck, throat, thyroid gland, kidneys, venous blood.
Animal World Small animals generally, butterflies, birds, bees, monkeys, parrots, carrier pigeons. Cattle, farm animals, domesticated animals.
Plant World Medicinal herbs, small plants. Cultivated crops, flowers and fruit generally, apples, roses, blossom, vines.
Mineral World Quicksilver (Mercury) Brass, bronze, copper, precious stones & gems.
Colour Many colours together, white and pale blue (Virgo). Pale blue and pink, earth colours (Taurus).



Zodiac Sign Aries & Scorpio Sagittarius & Pisces
House Ruler 1st & 8th 9th & 12th
Mundane Battlefields, fire stations, forges, foundries, furnaces, fires, weapons, knives, guns, cutting & drilling instruments, dental drills, incinerators, military bases & barracks, slaughterhouses. Courts, churches, colleges, universities, embassies, pageants, jousts, parades, public functions, pulpits, religious organisations, racing stables, long distance travel, passports.
People Soldiers, firemen, athletes, metal workers, carpenters, surgeons, dentists, martial artists. Lawyers, barristers, benefactors, university dons & lecturers, philosophers, clergymen, missionaries, explorers, foreigners, horse trainers, jockeys, veterinarians.
Body Head, adrenal glands & adrenalin, iron in the blood, muscles, spots & pimples, rashes, excretory system & organs, genitals, testicles. Thighs, liver.
Animal World Rams, birds of prey, stinging insects, scorpions, snakes, eagles. Large animals generally, elephants, racehorses, horses generally, animals with valuable fur.
Plant World Nettles, radishes, spices, thorn-bearing plants, arsenic, capers, cayenne, garlic, horseradish, mustard, onions, witch hazel. Clover, maple trees.
Mineral World Iron, brimstone, garnet. Tin.
Colour Red and black. Royal blue, purple.



Zodiac Sign Capricorn & Aquarius Aquarius
House Ruler 10th & 11th 11th
Mundane Mountains, deserts, graveyards, corpses, cells, caves, prisons, walls, barriers, dams, ruins, beards, boulders, bricks, stone millstones, cement, handcuffs, mortgages. Television stations, satellites, electricity, radio waves, computers, the internet, new technology, laser beams, magnetic fields, telepathy, air conditioners, ice, icebergs, glaciers.
People Old people, those in authority, civil service, administrators, engineers, mathematicians, builders, chimney sweeps, mineralogists, archivists, coroners, funeral directors, historians, gaolers. Scientists, astronomers, astrologers, radiographers, inventors, revolutionaries, anarchists, politicians, archaeologists, pilots.
Body Bones, cartilage, skin, gall bladder, teeth, knees, kneecaps. Ankles.
Animal World Animals with protective armour, beasts of burden, horned animals, burrowing animals and reptiles, camels, animals feeding on carrion, mountain goats.
Plant World Hemlock, ivy, cypress, elm & poplar trees. Orchids.
Mineral World Lead,diamonds, marble, coal, crystals. Uranium, platinum.
Colour Black, dark brown, grey; flat or dark colours. Electric blue.



Zodiac Sign Pisces Scorpio
House Ruler 12th 8th
Mundane Hospitals, prisons, breweries, convents, monasteries, pilgrims, holy relics, the sea, oil, floods, alcohol, drugs & poisons, anaesthetics, fashion, religion. Underground transport, sewers, power stations, volcanoes, earthquakes, secret societies, political underground.
People Dancers, artists, actors, illusionists, photographers, poets, filmmakers, priests, fishmongers, chiropodists, reflexologists. Psychiatrists, analysts, pathologists, liquidators, sewerage workers, waste recyclers, detectives, secret police, potholers.
Body Feet. Sexual organs, bodily elimination.
Animal World Marine life, fish. Snake, scorpion, eagle.
Plant World Water lily, willow. Rhododendron, deep-rooted plants.
Mineral World Neptunium. Plutonium.
Colour Soft sea-green. Dark red, maroon.

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