holidayvenusaquarius“I don’t want a lot for Christmas.  There’s just one thing I need.  I don’t care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree…”

Ok, enough Mariah!

But, seriously, we have every reason to get into the holiday spirit because there are no challenging astrological aspects (ignore the upcoming Mercury retrograde) until December 26.

Let me repeat that.


Yes, that’s right – 20 days of astrological bliss that all begins with Venus moving into Aquarius.

Venus moving out of Capricorn and into Aquarius changes the dynamic of how the love goddess relates.  In Capricorn, she is concerned with career and social standing; whereas, Venus in Aquarius is concerned with our relationships with our friends, the groups we belong to, networking, and our relationship to the greater collective.

So, some fun stuff that should usher in plenty of holiday parties and rockin’ around that big ole Christmas tree!

On a deeper level, the purpose of Venus in Aquarius is two-fold.  First, it represents a cycle where ideas, opinions, and conversations are amplified and helps us understanding ‘our world’ better.  Secondly, Venus in Aquarius is cool and detached, and it has an inherent dislike of emotional intensity and prefers rational communication.  It’s a 3-week cycle of controlling your emotional response and attempting to use your wise mind when relating to others.

While Venus is in Aquarius, it’s an excellent time to reach out to others and take advantage of all your connections.   Contact a friend you haven’t spent time with in a while, and go out for coffee or you can join a new group that shares like-minded ideas.  You will find that the people around you will be more social and this could lead to future opportunities that will help you improve your life.

Venus makes only harmonious aspects (um, hurray!) while she is in Aquarius – and all of them occur on Christmas Day.

It’s going to be a great month for relationships.  Take advantage of it.

Venus will remain in Aquarius until January 3, 2017.


ywd02142016I’m going just lay this out there.   I really don’t like Valentine’s Day.

Never have.

Of course, it’s the archetypal day of love and who doesn’t like a little love?  We tend to do nice things for our significant others like buy them some chocolate and flowers and having fantasies about possible engagements in our mind that end with the “kiss begins with Kay” (the Jewelers).

We adorn the trinkets that we receive in the form of jewelry, yet are we truly declaring our love for one another?

Being an intuitive life coach, I counsel clients daily on their relationships and making them better.  It’s rough business.   I think this is an area where people have a difficult time navigating through the confusing waters of love and despite metaphysical ‘woo-woo’ that has dribbled throughout the years of perfect soulmate connections and finding that special someone, the love problem is getting more severe and relationships are getting tougher and more complex.

So, as we begin this week, ask yourself a simple question:   What can I do OVER the next year (why limit it to a single day?) to bring more love into my partner’s life?

Get active and aggressive about it.  Be the example.  Give the love you would like to receive.

Let’s make every day Valentine’s Day by making a choice to love just a little bit more and this will TRANSFORM everything.

Now on with the forecast…

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