Do the holidays make you feel overwhelmed?

I mean there is all the planning, the gift buying, and the people to visit.

It’s a never-ending list of celebratory activities that leave many frustrated and it gets worse as the Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) deadline gets near.

Well, this weekend we get an astrological opportunity to get everything done and out of the way.

Let me tell you how.

On Saturday, Mercury moving through Capricorn forms a sextile to Neptune.  Your creative juices will flow, and this is a splendid time to decide which gifts you are going to give to people, and your sensitivity to them will be heightened, and I find using Mercury-Neptune connections ideal for giving that ‘perfect’ gift for the people in your life that you love.

We also have a conjunction of the Sun and Saturn, which makes us want to get things done and focus on the tasks at hand.  This aspect gives us the ability to plan and organize and since it is not real social, we can get done all the things that often annoy us and get it out of the way so we can enjoy the rest of the season without stress or further annoyances.

On Sunday, the Moon will move through sensual Taurus.  Taurus is the ‘sit back and relax’ sign because it enjoys simple pleasures like a good massage, a luxurious dinner, and even a bit of creamy, decadent chocolate for desert.  It’s the universe’s way of giving us a ‘cheat day’ so that we can enjoy the finer things in life.

*Storm Update*   I am taking next week off from the Daily does – we pretty much only have lunar aspects that are going to happen, so I thought it would be as good of a time as any to finish your Astrology of 2017 forecast, which is my present to you every Christmas.

Be amazing!

Friday, we kick into a new cycle and the focus of the next few days will involve the Sun.

The Sun has to do with our inner core and our personal development and its annual passage through the signs reflects a continuous unfoldment of potential and possibilities.

So, you know it’s going to be a big day when the Sun forms a lovely aspect to Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system.

Sun sextile Jupiter is considered a lucky aspect because it seems to create opportunities that we quickly notice and take advantage of, mainly because our mindset is positive and we are in good spirits – again ‘tis the season.   Pretty much anything you apply yourself to will be successful, and this is a great day to work on projects, advertising, and even personal growth.

The Sun sextile Jupiter likes to be social and communicate with others.  It’s a good day to have planning meetings, discuss your opinions with others, and to go out and socialize.  Also, reflection and personal examination are favored now.

In other astrological news, the Moon continues to move through impulsive Aries.  She forms a challenging aspect to Pluto in the morning hours that could bring up some rather intense feelings, but she quickly makes more harmonious aspects the rest of the day, which should ease things up.  During the evening hours, the Moon conjoins Uranus and sextiles Mars.  Go out and have some fun.  You deserve it.

Be amazing!

ydd11072016Today, we have a powerful major planetary aspect that can be used to make a major change in your life – the Sun in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn.

Now, there are a few astrological aspects that I plan for each year – and this is one of them.

I am sure you are curious as to why?

The Sun reflects our personal potency and power and Pluto our ability to transform and renew ourselves.  So, this is a perfect aspect to do inner work and I spend a whole week getting to the bottom of what is working in my life and so can you.

Next, is finding out where we begin.  Well, a good indicator is that areas in your life where you are having problems.   This could be financial concerns, relationship issues, or career frustrations.  I drill down to changes that I can make for my life to run smoother or to find some form of inner peace in a situation.   Additionally, I will often use other tools, like tarot or oracle cards to help me dig a bit deeper and sometimes get to the root cause of what is bothering me.

Another area that Sun sextile Pluto really excels is cleaning up situations that have become difficult – especially with other people.  This can lead to relationships repairing and old grievances being laid to rest.

Finally, after you do any form of cleansing or clearing work, I suggest cleaning out your house and replacing old stagnant energies with more productive ones.

My friend Dorothy Morrison (check out her amazing website) created a video in connection with the Candle Wick Shoppe to show the importance of energy cleansing and how to fill your house up with new energies to replace the old ones.   The video is called ‘Life Reinvented’ and I have used these tools and they work spectacular.   You can purchase Dorothy’s products on her website.

Be amazing!

Do you need help cleaning the stagnant energies of your life?  Want to find out how you can get to the root issue and pluck it out once and for all? You can speak to Storm about the issues that matter to the most.  Storm offers both psychic readings and astrological life coaching to fit your current needs. Get clarity into your most pressing concerns and find out how to create the future that you deserve.

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Sun conjunct Mercury in Scorpio Sun conjunct Mercury in Scorpio – Revealing the Darkness Within

Your Daily Dose™

For the last month, I’ve discuss the need to face our dark side – the monster within.  This can be a rather confusing process and often taking a deep look at our inner core, which includes the good, the bad and the ugly can evoke peculiar and uncomfortable feelings. Often, we don’t even understand why our self-defeating behaviors exist.

Gratitude Spell Box from Coventry CreationsThen comes clarity …

Today, Mercury conjoins the Sun in Scorpio.  Of course, Mercury is the planet that rules the mind and how we think about things; it rules our perception and the way we understand life.  The Sun in Scorpio is our journey into the underworld or the dark recesses of our personal unconscious.  In mythology, one of the few beings that could travel into the underworld, return to earth, and fly off to Olympus was Mercury.  He is the god of communication and intellectual knowledge, but he was also a psychopomp, meaning he reflects the process that occurs during certain points of our lives where we receive meaning and understanding.  And, when this understanding is brought into the light of day (consciousness), that we can begin to work with it productive rather than allowing our self-defeating behaviors to control us.

While this transit is active, we are given the opportunity to examine our lives and see beneath the surface to get to the root of our self-defeating behaviors.  Your mind will be clear and able to focus at this time, which will give you the clarity necessary to see through the dark and into the light.  Further, on the more mundane level, you may feel a bit restless and have difficulties remaining still, but if you need to communicate our express yourself, then now is the time to do so.

Be amazing!

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