Friday, we kick into a new cycle and the focus of the next few days will involve the Sun.

The Sun has to do with our inner core and our personal development and its annual passage through the signs reflects a continuous unfoldment of potential and possibilities.

So, you know it’s going to be a big day when the Sun forms a lovely aspect to Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system.

Sun sextile Jupiter is considered a lucky aspect because it seems to create opportunities that we quickly notice and take advantage of, mainly because our mindset is positive and we are in good spirits – again ‘tis the season.   Pretty much anything you apply yourself to will be successful, and this is a great day to work on projects, advertising, and even personal growth.

The Sun sextile Jupiter likes to be social and communicate with others.  It’s a good day to have planning meetings, discuss your opinions with others, and to go out and socialize.  Also, reflection and personal examination are favored now.

In other astrological news, the Moon continues to move through impulsive Aries.  She forms a challenging aspect to Pluto in the morning hours that could bring up some rather intense feelings, but she quickly makes more harmonious aspects the rest of the day, which should ease things up.  During the evening hours, the Moon conjoins Uranus and sextiles Mars.  Go out and have some fun.  You deserve it.

Be amazing!


Finally, an energy that everyone can enjoy — Mars trine Jupiter.

Mars trine Jupiter is an extremely positive aspect for just about anything.  It’s great for business, it’s excellent for starting new projects, resolving legal matters and disputes, competition, and creative endeavors.  Traditional astrology describes Mars trine Jupiter as a lucky aspect, but in reality, we are just more aware of opportunities as they are presented to us, and are able to take advantage of them accordingly.  Further, Mars trine Jupiter is a fantastic time to put your best self forward or to pursue your agenda.

If you need to take a risk, now is the time to do so.

Be amazing

— Storm



Jupiter in Libra(Jupiter moves into Libra on September 9, 2016 and remains in the sign of the scales until October 11, 2017)

Check this out… the biggest questions that I get asked about as a psychic and an astrologer are love questions.

Is he coming back to me?  Is he the one?  Are we soulmates?

I was asked once if a couple were twin flame triple dragon rainbow soulmates.

I am not joking!

I couldn’t even wrap my mind around that question, and that doesn’t matter, but what does seem to matter is that we all have relationships, and one one level or another, we have difficulty dealing with them.

Jupiter is a pretty cool dude.  In some astrological textbooks, he is considered an astrological ‘Santa Clause’ and he tends to expand the natural tendencies of any sign he is moving through.  Since he will be moving out of earthy Virgo, our focus will move from particular matters right into the realm of our relationships with others – and yes this means love relationships as well.

Jupiter’s natural nature is to give us a renewed vision of life or an experience that those that are more religious would be akin to faith.  In Libra, this would reflect a renewed vision of relationships and how the experience of relationships could lead towards transformative potentials.  Hard work and deep insights are typically Saturnian or Plutonian, and Jupiter avoids such dreaded experiences.  Jupiter prefers the experience of relationships through the sharing of ideas and the general interaction of relationships.   From a Jupiterian point of view, life does not have to be hard, cold, or a burden, and it doesn’t have to dramatic or emotionally intense; it simply has to be experienced.

Over the course of the next year, relationships (of all shapes and sizes) will take a high priority.  You will be more open to them and they will be more enjoyable than they ordinarily are, and this would include friendships and business alliances, as well.

If you are single, this is a great year to think about what you would like out of a relationship and begin to go out and connect with other people.  Jupiter makes relating flow smoother and will amplify your ability to create successful relationships.  After all, life seems to be just a little bit better when we have someone to share it with.

(Get your relationship moving on the right track this year by scheduling a consultation with Storm.)

How Jupiter in Libra Will Influence You

Below I give you the tea on how Jupiter will influence all of the astrological signs.  This guide gives you an area of focus on how to work with this energy in your life over the next year.   You can read this for your sign, and if you know your rising sign, I would suggest you reading that description as well.  If you need a copy of your chart, you can get one for FREE including a tutorial on how to read the chart.

Aries:  Jupiter begins its yearlong transit through your solar 7th house.  The 7th house is associated with partnerships, marriage, competitors, and legal matters.  Perhaps it would be creative to define it as the ‘world out there’ or the ‘not you’ house because it describes your relationship to society in general.  Jupiter transits through the 7th can increase your relationships and expand your experiences of society by widening your sphere of influence.  Jupiter in Aries is great for business alliances in which your partnerships are mutually beneficial.  Of course, Jupiter influences your love relationships by being a favorable influence.  Any difficulties experienced in your relationships should be smoothed out or resolved during this cycle.  Finally, the 7th house also pertains to legal matters.  Any legal issues (especially civil cases) should resolve in your favor since Jupiter casts a protective shield over any house he influences.

Taurus: Jupiter begins its yearlong transit through your solar 6th house.  The 6th house pertains to your job, day to day activities, your rituals, health, and your responsibilities.  Of course, this can be rather drab and far from exciting for the king of the gods, yet it is one of the houses we see enormous benefits.  Jupiter likes to expand your consciousness and provide a ‘higher’ meaning to the day to day grind of the 6th house, which on its deepest level refers to your house of personal growth.  This is a great year for you to put your life in order and you will notice an improvement in your job, satisfaction with your responsibilities and overall good health. In fact, do not be surprised if you take on additional responsibilities because people will be pleased with your performance.  Further, Jupiter in the 6th could signify new job opportunities and promotions for a job well done. However, there is one warning with Jupiter in the 6th,  Jupiter expands the house it transits, and since the 6th house represents your health and the physical world, there could be a tendency to gain weight.  It would be a good idea to maintain a regular fitness regime and balanced diet at this time.

Gemini:  Jupiter begins its yearlong transit through your solar 5th house.  The next year for you is going to focus on personal growth and expansion of who you are as an individual.  You will begin to understand your life with greater wisdom, and despite past frustrations, will perceive the big picture.  Your creative juices will flow like never before, and if you are artistically inclined, financial gain is likely through your craft.  Since the 5th house rules children, your relationship with your own (if you have them) will take center stage and a deeper emotional bond will naturally occur.  Finally, your relationships with others around you will go through great improvement throughout the year.  As you tear down walls and barriers and begin to express yourself with courage and tenacity, you will notice the important people around you responding favorably.

Cancer:  Jupiter begins its yearlong transit through your solar 4th house.  The 4th house is mysterious because it rules our private parts – our innermost self and governs our home, family, personal life, and our past.  While Jupiter is transiting your solar 4th, you may find the need to seek inner peace and meaning.  In the outer world, this is a year to focus on real estate – whether that is purchasing a new home or doing repairs and renovations.  Further, you will find your relationship with your family enhanced and Jupiter’s benefic influence will provide an opportunity to resolve old unresolved family issues or feuds.  On the inner level, Jupiter moving through the 4th is a cycle of personal focus.  It is a natural time to withdraw from the outer world and its trappings and focus on creating a secure future.  If we do not have a secure inner world of peace and harmony, it is going to be difficult for you to find happiness in the outer world.

Leo:  Jupiter begins its yearlong transit through your solar 3rd house of communication.  In most textbooks delegate the third house to govern over communication, early education, and siblings.  However, after working with charts for the past 25 years, I have come to understand the 3rd house as the place in the horoscope where we process our experiences.  In fact, I believe one of the most undervalued resources we have are the experiences felt via the events, circumstances, and people we have encountered that helps formulate who we are as individuals.  While Jupiter is in the 3rd, the ‘social butterfly’ will emerge and the number of people in your social circle will expand.  This transit provokes an enormous urge to learn and express yourself to others to formulate your unique opinions about life.  Further, because you need to experience more of the world to expand your consciousness, a return to school, taking a trade course, or expanding our education is likely.   A mind is a terrible thing to waste, and with Jupiter transiting the 3rd, you are likely to find it working overtime.

Virgo:  Jupiter begins its yearlong transit through your value oriented 2nd house.  In traditional astrology, the 2nd house governs money and resources.   In modern astrology, money and resources are viewed as symbols of what you value.  I have long believed that the most powerful book of revelation is a checkbook.  Your financial ledgers provide you with clear and concise information about what you truly value because it reveals where we spend our money.  This is not to say that Jupiter in the 2nd house will not expand your resources; it will.  In fact, it will expand everything that you give value to – the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Since the 2nd house does involve financial resources, this is a great time for investments.  However, you have to be careful with Jupiter in the 2nd house not to overindulge, overspend, or mismanage our money.  This placement can often lead to spending money that you may not have.  In the case of the 2nd house, too much of anything can be as harmful as not enough.

Libra:  This is your lucky year because Jupiter will transit through your personal oriented 1st house.  Doors that have been closed and opportunities that have been denied will open up for you with minimal effort throughout the year.  The main thing for you to focus on this being a major cycle of growth combined with an opportunity to express who you are by shining (and sharing) your inner light.  Further, you will notice that people are drawn to you like never before (or at least since 2003) and are more than willing to help you achieve success.  Use your increased self-confidence and charisma to your advantage.  Moreover, do not waste this year, Christmas in the astrological world only happens once every 12 years, and this year Santa delivers the presents to you.

Scorpio:  Jupiter begins its yearlong transit through your solar 12th house.  Out of all the houses of the horoscope, the 12th house may be the most confusing.  Traditional astrology has labeled it the house of self-undoing and its association with hospitals and prisons always raise a curious eyebrow or two.  In modern astrology, the 12th house reflects the patterns, drives, and compulsions that operate beneath the level of conscious awareness, but not in the personal sense, yet those habits and dysfunctions which have been passed down from generation to generation.  Jupiter in the 12th can be a blessing or a curse. On one hand, this transit augurs a time when one begins (often for the first time) to see their inner truth.  Circumstances, situations, and events begin to have meaning and one begins to acquire insight into their lives.  Often this opens the doors to a spiritual journey of self-discoveries.  On the other hand, Jupiter’s transit represents where we begin to seek the truth and in the 12th house, the truth lies within oneself.  If one does not have the inner courage or current capabilities, one will seek “their” truth through escapism – sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling, food or any other reckless behavior.  Simply put, Jupiter in the 12th house is a year for you to do inner work and access the real you.

Sagittarius:  Jupiter begins its yearlong transit through your solar 11th house.  Traditional astrology has described the 11th house as clubs, friends, hopes and wishes and like the 12th house these descriptions are often not helpful.  In many ways, the 11th house reflects your need to be bigger than who you are and to strive towards improving your life.  You will do this through becoming involved with individuals beyond your familial structure.  Your friends, associates and like-minded individuals fulfill these requirements and assist you by providing networks to encourage your success.  Jupiter in the 11threflects a cycle where your social circle can assist you in achieving your hopes and wishes for the future. In fact, you will notice the need to change your world for the better with Jupiter transiting this social house.  In most cases, the changes you make will also benefit those around you significantly, and your goals will be achieved.  Finally, Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and you will notice your social circle and sphere of influence expand over the next year.

Capricorn:  Jupiter begins its yearlong transit through your solar 10th house.  In astrology, the 10thhouse describes our careers and position in the world.  Jupiter transiting this house is considered favorable, improves and increases your reputation and often prompts you to be all that you can be.  During this cycle you can take advantage of Jupiter’s benefic energy to advance your career, begin new businesses, or receive long deserved recognition for your accomplishments.  If you have struggled to get to the next level, this year could be your breakthrough. However, it is necessary to avoid being overbearing, dictatorial and keep your ego in check because problems could occur at the end of the transit if others perceive a haughty attitude.  Finally, you can expect to see promotions at work, financial increase, and an inner self-confidence while Jupiter transits this house.

Aquarius:  This year Jupiter begins his yearlong transit through your solar 9th house.  For you, this is a great position because Jupiter naturally rules the 9th house. Your desire to learn is magnified as Jupiter transits the house normally associated with higher education.  Your learning experiences will broaden your mind and your perspective, and things will change and mature.  This transit is associated with wisdom because your quest to learn will often give you deep insight into aspects of your life that you have either ignored or found trivial. Often when this transit is active, interest in the arcane sciences, religion or philosophy are typical because interest in esoteric and teleological subjects reflect the need to expand your worldview.  Finally, you may find yourself interested in foreign cultures or taking vacations to foreign lands to broaden your experience.  The one thing to expect while Jupiter transits your 9th house is that your view of life will change and always for the better.

Pisces:  This year Jupiter begins its yearlong transit through your solar 8th house.  The 8th house is similar to the 11th and the 12th and has a rather mysterious and confusing aura around it. Traditionally, Jupiter in the 8th is associated with death, inheritance, and taxes and I have seen these descriptions to be relatively true.  Jupiter in the 8th can mean you will receive an inheritance or an unexpected tax refund.  But, what does this house really mean?  After 25 years of doing astrology, I am convinced that the 8th house has to do with inheritance, but not just financially; it reflects our psychological inheritance as well.  While Jupiter is transiting through the 8th house, issues from the past that may need healing will rise to the surface, and the healing of past familial trauma begins.  This can come from powerful changes or psychological wounds, yet these changes will be to your ultimate benefit.  On the more mundane level (which you Capricorns will love), this is a great time to begin a business partnership or apply for loans because Jupiter in the 8th makes it easy for people to share their resources with you.

Find out how Jupiter in Libra will directly influence you by scheduling a consultation with Storm.   

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astrology-of-2015The Astrology of 2016

The seed of any year is planted at the stroke of midnight and an astrologer can use this chart for any given location to describe the overall large patterns at work during the year.  The birth chart for the year contains all the frustration, challenges, strengths, and possible rewards that can be used to effectively navigate ourselves through its waters, and as such, as long as we are willing to listen to its messages, we can control how we react to it and use its energies proactively.  And this year, unlike the many before it, we are given a final opportunity to create lasting change.

There are several astrological patterns that highlight this year – Jupiter in Virgo will square Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter will square Pluto and oppose Uranus later in the year, Saturn in Sagittarius will square Neptune in Pisces, and Saturn will trine Uranus in Aries.

So, what do these patterns mean for us in the coming year?

Let’s break it down.

Jupiter square Saturn:

Let’s begin with Jupiter in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius.  This is considered an incoming square because the current Jupiter-Saturn cycle is in its waning phase (think Moon cycles) before they conjoin again at 00 Aquarius in 2020.  The waning phase is a summing up process before the next conjunction occurs.

Ancient astrology has considered the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn to represent a change in leadership, or the death of a king, and denotes a particular period of reorganizational chaos that occurs with any new movement.  Now, in the 21st century, with security measures that protect our leaders being more sophisticated, the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn does not seem to be as literal; whereas, each President of the United States from 1840-1960 that was elected under the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction died while in office.  Reagan and Bush, of course escaped (although Reagan was shot) this fate.  On the psychological level, this might reflect that what has died in the past, in a rather literal way, has been the ideals that occupied the collective psyche that have been replaced with new ideals and new forms that go through a period of chaos before it is firmly entrenched within society.  Something old gives way to something new.  And, this isn’t just by chance or because the world seems to move much faster in the 21st century, this pattern has existed as far back as Greek myth – which is revealed in the creation story of Kronos (Saturn) and Zeus (Jupiter).

In myth, Kronos (Saturn) wrestled his kingdom away from his father Ouranos (Uranus) by castrating him with a sickle that was fashioned by his mother Gaia.  He became the ruler of the gods and he freed the Titans of myth from their entombment in Tartarus.  One day, as often happens in myth, Kronos visits an oracle that reveals to him that one of his own children will overthrow him and usher in a new age.  Kronos does what any other god that is obsessed with power would do and becomes increasingly paranoid and swallows his children the moment that they come out of Rhea’s womb.  Of course, Rhea being another manifestation of Gaia whom does not like the unnatural state of affairs that violate the laws of nature, decides to trick Kronos by offering him up a stone wrapped in a blanket rather than handing over her just born son Zeus.   Zeus lies in wait in a cave and waits for the right moment to strike.  One day, while Kronos is suffering from some severe indigestion, Zeus attacks and out comes his brothers and sisters who begin a war with the Kronos and the Titans.  The Titans are ultimately defeated and Kronos is cast into the underworld and a Zeus becomes the king of the gods.

Kronos reflects the old king whose reign is dying and Zeus reflects the new order.  You can perhaps state that each generations ideals slowly die and are replaced by the new ideals of the next generation.  However, before the ideals of the new generation can emerge in its fully developed form, a period of crisis and resistance to those changes seem to be what we desperately cling to, despite the fact that these new ideals are what we ultimately must accept.  And, this resistance to change is occurring currently on the world stage as we approach the final Jupiter-Saturn square of this cycle, which began in the sign of Taurus in 2000.

In his ground breaking book on Mundane Astrology (co-written by Michael Baigent and Nicholas Campion), Charles Harvey says the following about this cycle:

“These two planets used to be known as the ‘Great Chronocrators’, or rulers of the ages.  Their cycle can be considered the ground base of human development which makers the interaction between the perception of ideals, potentialities, possibilities (Jupiter) and their manifestation in the concrete material world (Saturn).  As noted under the interpretation of the conjunction this pair has a great deal to do with the development and evolution of social structures and a sense of corporate national identity.” (pg.184)

So, what idealism began during the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus?

Although Taurus is the first of the earth signs, it is rather complex in nature.  It reflects our need to “birth” things – meaning to give life to something and to build some form of structure that sustains us and fosters additional growth.  Taurus is about reliability, productivity, and stability and it is rather uncomfortable in situations that might create change and unpredictability.  In many ways, the old ways of the 80’s and 90’s have had to die in order for new things to be born in a more global and all-inclusive society.  Our banking institutions have become more advanced, our focus on wealth building, the stock market, and other financial organizations have changed, been modified, and new laws enacted to enforce regulations of this brave new world, and many of the institutions that could not change or modify have crumbled in the last 16 years.

We are now at a breaking point with the final square, because the last roots of the old tree (80’s and 90’s) are being ripped out of the ground and we may enter into a period of turbulence and instability over the next year – especially around security and financial stability.  While Jupiter is in square to Saturn, we will continue to make adjustments in our lives in order to accommodate modern living.  It’s time for us to take full inventory of our current situation in order for us to decide what areas of our lives should be pursued (Jupiter) and what should be cut back (Saturn).  Jupiter square Saturn can also bring forth a period of confusion and instability (which is the nature of squares to challenge us) and it is important not to be reactive during this cycle.  If you push forward without having the necessary information, you will most likely experience a lot of frustration and anxiety, which ultimately pulls you back again.  It is probably more fruitful at this time to wait things out and find solutions that work for you rather than just jetting off into unknown territory, and despite inward frustrations, the right answer or right path will ultimately come.

Saturn square Neptune    

Saturn continues his head to head battle with Neptune (began in November) forming squares on June 17 and September 10.  These two planets have a really difficult time with each other because they are diametrically opposed in nature.  Saturn likes to crystalize everything it touches and Neptune wants to dissolve anything with form into something more malleable.  This can create enormous confusion and the aspect is known to be depressive because forward progress cannot be seen clearly at this time.  For some, this can even feel paralyzing because everything can seem up in the air and you don’t feel like you are standing on firm ground, which can result in negative thinking and pessimism about the future, that ultimately makes matters worse.

The key to this aspect is waiting it out – especially if it heavily hits your chart, which is likely if you are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces.  Taking action at this time can lead to confusion or frustrations because one of the two planets energy will dominate leaving you feeling overwhelmed by life’s circumstances.  Like Jupiter square Saturn, Saturn square Neptune requires one to wait for the answers or wait for the aspect to be over in order to begin to move forward because you need to be able to see the forest between the trees to make beneficial decisions.

In many cases, this aspect is one that requires a lot of soul searching and patience.  It may mean that you need to question every aspect of your life and decide whether or not your current purpose is still aligned with your desires, which ultimately may be changing.  If you tend to lean towards rigidity and structure, then Neptune will often make you feel like a victim to life’s circumstances because it will be difficult to create anything tangible that gives you inner meaning.  If you lean towards Neptunian infantilism and refuse to face life as it is, then Saturn will often bring forth experiences that effectively force you to grow up and face reality on realities terms.  In other words, it is necessary to give meaning to both of these planets in order to get to the core of its deepest creative meaning and be able to channel them into something meaningful that promotes individual growth.

Jupiter squares Pluto and opposes Uranus

Although Uranus in Aries does not technically make an aspect to Pluto in Capricorn in 2016, it is within orb, and will still have influence over the next year – especially when Jupiter moves into Libra and reactivates them during November and December.

Uranus and Pluto reflect a political vision (Uranus) with an urgent need to destroy (Pluto) structures that are no longer viable or that no longer contribute anything to the progress of the human species.  Neither of these two planets are concerned with individuals, they are only concerned with the collective and tend to erupt in protests, uprisings, the collapse of governmental structures, and the collective trends of the day.  This particular transit is responsible for revolutions in the middle east, Occupy Wall Street, protesting labor laws, women’s rights, and its most recent incarnation as Black Lives Matter.

Uranus is concerned with personal potency and rights of the individual while in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn reflects the need to review our social and moral values and re-align governmental structures as representative of their constituency rather than representing individual’s quests for power.  Although it may take until 2046 (when Uranus in Virgo opposes Pluto in Pisces) for us to see the full effect of this cycle that began in the 1960’s, we are beginning to see the slow beginnings of progress now.

Despite the hard aspects that Jupiter will make to Uranus and Pluto, which could possibly reignite protests, revolutions, political scandals, and garden variety corruption, I am rather hopeful with this aspect.   Jupiter is considered one of the planets that helps foster awareness and inspires us to be better individuals.  This aspect may reflect a turning point in which human beings become more cognizant about what needs to change and grow by becoming active participants rather than simply reacting in fear and encouraging isolationism.  Jupiter is an optimistic planet, and this cycle, which occurs during the holiday season, could actually evoke its central meaning:  good will to all men and peace on earth.

Saturn trine Uranus

I’m going to give you all an early 2016 Christmas Present.

Do you remember what you were doing in 2010?  What were the problems you were struggling with and the changes that you were making when Saturn in Virgo opposes Uranus in Pisces?  What changed in your life?

Saturn trine Uranus occurs on Christmas Eve and is an amazing aspect when you are letting go of the old and outworn and embracing something new.   It’s when you begin to see the products of your efforts to manifest new ideas into reality.  Anything that you have spent time on that has required patience and discipline, will come to fruition and become a permanent part of your life at this time.  Further, this aspect connects us with the energy of Sagittarius, insight that may have eluded you will make sense to you providing you with the information necessary to take action.  So, those that have been influenced heavily by the Jupiter-Saturn and Saturn-Neptune squares, may get the relief they need at this time.  Suddenly, which is usually the case with Uranian aspects, things will fall into place and you will be able to see your mission clearly and have the courage and tenacity to take advantage of opportunities that come your way.

The New Year’s Chart

The chart for the New Year is cast at the stroke of midnight on January 1st for the capital city in the country one resides. Since, I live in the United States, and the bulk of my clients and readers are American, I have cast the chart for Washington, DC.

The New Year’s chart is essentially a collective horary asking the question, “What will the New Year bring?”  So, let’s take a look at what additional information about the New Year beyond the larger transits that the chart reveals.

The Ascendant is the most important position in a horary because it reflects the general energy surrounding the querent (the person asking the question) and in this chart Libra is rising which means our relationship to the outer world and our need to find balance, harmony, and a sense of inner meaning and purpose are highlighted throughout the year.  And, in order to get there, we might need to look at our choices and clean up past problems, whether they are familial, financial, or career oriented by wiping the slate clean in order to pursue new goals and objectives.

The ruler of Libra, Venus, lands in the 2nd house of the chart in fiery Sagittarius.  The 2nd house represents money and values and with Venus being in Sagittarius, a sense of adventure and the price those adventures cost will be our focus.  Venus forms a square (obstacle) to Neptune and a conjunction to Saturn, which could severely limit how much spending we should do throughout the year and try to keep our fiscal perspective under control, which could easily feel agitating and make Venus in Sagittarius a little grumpy.  However, it’s best to indulge a little, but keep the big picture in mind.  Additionally, since Saturn rules the 4th house so problems within the housing market or with real estate values could fluctuate throughout the year.

Mars is located in the first house of the chart and is considered a co-significator.  Mars is the planet that goes out into the world and gets us what we want, but this Mars is debilitated in Venus ruled Libra.  After years of studying astrology, I have come to understand that planets in detriment tend to worry and since Mars rules the 2nd house (money and values) and the 7th house (relationships and open enemies), there may be concerns about finances, value systems, and terrorism.  Now, all of these factors will be a concern in our current climate, but with it being an election year these issues will be prevalent through the media and social networking.  The good news is that Mars is void of course, and most likely a major attack will not occur.  Instead, I feel that this echoes many of the larger planetary movements that I discussed earlier and reiterates that 2016 is not an action oriented year, but one where we need to process our current situation and allow ourselves to feel settled enough to make better decisions about the future.

This brings us to the Moon, which is the co-significator of the chart.  The Moon is located at 29 degrees of Virgo and is planted in the 12th house of the chart, which deals with ancestral inheritance.  The sign of Virgo likes to keep things simple and small and that may be an apt word for 2016 – simplicity.  The location in the 12th house reflects that on some level, those of us that are alive now, are responsible for dealing with the many issues that we have inherited.  Traditionally, the 12th house is known for its connection to ailments and phobias, and much of what we are dealing with is not the result of our own doing, but the result of those that have come before us, which includes their fears and prejudices. Yet, any new generation inherits the mess that was made by the prior generation and 2016 is a year about cleaning up the mess.  We can do this by being more mindful of the choices and decisions that we are making now.   The Moon makes an applying trine to Mercury in Capricorn, which may make it easier for us to understand life in a more realistic way that promotes expressing our individual needs more effectively.  Since Mercury does rule the 9th house of the chart, this could be a year in which we gain insight into how to live our lives more effectively through knowledge rather than being blind to our choices and how those blind reactions add to the collective problems rather than resolves them.

In closing, I would like to quote Albert Einstein who said, “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”  I think for many of us, myself included, we have spent more than enough time trying to do things the way the world has told us it should be done.  We are busy, busy, busy, achieving nothing, nothing, nothing.   This year take a step back and breathe, and attempt to find your true passion and what really inspires you!  And, when the time is ready, the door to your inner dreams will be opened.


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Think Big – Just Do It!

by Storm Cestavani

Tweet Think Big – Just Do It! Your Daily Dose™ Jupiter in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn Think big – what would you like to change in your life? Today is an amazing astrological day as Jupiter in Virgo makes a lovely trine to Pluto in Capricorn. So, make sure you take advantage of it […]

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How to Reach for the Stars While Standing Firmly on the Ground

by Storm Cestavani

Tweet How to Reach for the Stars While Standing Firmly on the Ground Your Daily Dose™ Jupiter in Virgo oppose Neptune in Pisces Are you an optimistic and tend to see the world through rose colored glasses? Well, despite popular opinion, that might not be such a good thing after all. Tomorrow, Jupiter in Virgo […]

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