Astrology you have questions about career, relationship, or finances?

What about real estate, health, legal problems, or hidden influences?

What if I told you that an astrologer is best equipped to answer these questions?  You would think I was joking right?  Everyone knows that a “psychic” is the best person to answer the questions about your life!   What if I told you that “everyone” is wrong?  Let me explain why!

First I will start by saying; I have great respect for many psychics.   I believe that the ability to tune into future events, and be able to see these events in pictorial form or through sensing is simply amazing! I believe that we all have a connection to our higher source, and that we all receive messages from the universe every single day!  However, I believe that astrology has received a bad rap from individuals who have not taken the time to study it, and have simply reduced it to columns in the local newspaper – which is not really what astrology is about.

So, what is Astrology?  We have all heard people say, “I wish ‘so and so’ came with a handbook!   I would understand them better.”  Well what if I told you that ‘so and so’ was born with a handbook!    This is exactly what Astrology is – a complete profile of someone’s individuality, where they come from, what their talents are, and how to overcome innate weaknesses.   In essence, it is a blueprint of the (your) soul.  It reveals everything about you!  In addition, it can reveal everything about the people that are important or meaningful in your life.

I (Storm Cestavani) am versed in several areas of astrology including natal (personal astrology), horary (predictive astrology), mundane, (political) astrometeorology, (art of predicting weather using astrology), and electional (astrology of timing events).  However, the most popular services with clients are natal and horary astrology.

The Benefits of a Natal Astrology Reading:

A natal astrology reading (for you or for others) is one of the most powerful ways to gain insight into your life.   Why are you attracted to certain people?   What career is the best aligned with your energy? Why are your current relationships problematic?  Why are you going through a difficult financial cycle?  These are just a few of the questions that natal astrology can answer!  Understanding the “greater” patterns in your life will help you understand how to control the energies that are available.   In essence, you attain mind over matter, which is why many of the world’s most anointed sages used astrology to make decisions, understand circumstances and events, and connect with the universe.

The Benefits of Horary Astrology:

Whenever, I am doing consultations the biggest question I receive begins with “when”.  When will the job come through?  When will new love enter my life?  When will my boyfriend return to me?  When will the finances come through?  When, when, when! 

As a clairvoyant (despite my knowing natal astrology), I tried to use symbols and imagery to predict time.  In many cases it would work!   For example, if I visualized snow in my vision it would mean that events would come to pass during the winter months.  If I would see a bright burning sun, it would reflect the summer months.  However, many times I did not see any indicators of time at all, which would be very complex when a client would ask that all important word “when”.

To resolve this problem, in the mid 90’s I started to study “horary” or predictive astrology.  The word horary means “of the hour”, and the primary reason that I studied this complex system is because it “always” gave correct timing.   How?  Well, it’s rather simple!   In order for an answer to come to pass, it would require two planets coming together to form a relationship.  Based on rules that are over 400 years old, you could measure when the timing was going to occur in a given situation.  So, horary gave me the ability to give more direct answers to questions that began with “when”, and its accuracy is amazing!  In addition, horary could answer complex questions with amazing detail that normal clairvoyant readings could not answer.

Astrology is a complex system of study, this may be why some people are afraid to use its amazing power, and have relegated it to “entertainment” found in newspapers and magazines.  Often, we fear what we do not understand!  However, if you are looking for accuracy and results it may be exactly what you are looking for.  If you require deeper insight into your life that a normal psychic consultation will not provide you with, then I would recommend trying out an astrological reading.  All it takes is the willingness to try something new and an open mind!