Finding Your Inner Gold — The Sun

by Storm Cestavani on 05/26/2014

sunFinding Your Inner Gold – The Sun

How often do you read your horoscope?  If so, then you are familiar with where your Sun is located in the horoscope.  You are either a Taurus, a Scorpio, an Aquarius, or one of the other 9 signs that make up the astrological heavens.  But, what do you really know about the symbol of the Sun that we base all our sun sign descriptions on?

In this episode of ‘Keep It Magic’, Jacki Smith and I explore the astrological Sun beyond the sun sign columns and delve deeply into the works of Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, and Erich Neumann.  Since the symbolism of the Sun reflects the need and urge to become unique individuals, then there must be a universal map or plan that describes solar unfoldment.  This is perfectly described by the “Heroes Journey”.

We encourage you to put away everything that you know about your Sun because the information provided in this episode will only amplify your understanding.  Instead, it is perhaps more helpful to realize that the Sun is constantly unfolding and becoming itself and is always in a process of becoming.  Unlike the Moon which develops through our experiences in early childhood, the Sun takes effort.  It is up to you to decide if you are going to heed its call.

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