Finding Your Inner Gold — The Moon

by Storm Cestavani on 05/13/2014

Finding Your Inner Gold -- The MoonI’m excited about the next four episodes of Keep It Magic.  Over the years, Jacki Smith and I have had numerous requests for more astrology content on the show.  We have done a bit over the last 3 years (yes we are at the tail end of Season 3), but creating them can be rather tricky.  Our challenge has always been how to create an inclusive content about astrology without focusing heavily on individual astrological positions.  So we have decided to do shows on the planets meanings and mythologies in order to provide our listeners with a more rounded view of the individual planets and everything they encompass.

Our first episode is on the Astrological Moon.  In my opinion, the Moon gets far less astrological press and attention than it should.  Perhaps, the reason is that we live in a solar conscious society that place its importance on potential, possibility, goals, and the future.  However, being bound to a body that needs warmth, nourishment, and security are all lunar consciousness necessities, and without this grounded reality our ability to manifest our solar desires and personal contentment are minimized.

In this episode, Jacki and I explore the different connections and meanings of the Moon that are beyond the traditional keywords of feelings and emotions.  Plus, we explore the goddesses of the Moon and how amplifying their symbols help us to understand the Moon and any lunar dysfunctions that may occur if the Moon is not properly expressed in the horoscope.

Before you begin this episode, I do ask that you put any preconceived ideas, meanings, or associations you have with the Moon on a shelf.  This will help you grasp the concepts discussed easier.

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